About us

How we started

Melanin Entertainment is an independent record label based in the East Rand founded in 2015, Melanin is a registered entity and is 100% black owned. Melanin is a young ambitious label that creates conscious music to inspire our people through our art, looking into the music industry in general in South Africa there is a gap of inspirational music that speaks to the soul and mind, Music that motivates people in a day to day basis.  We proud ourselves with our own sound which is unique and versatile.

 Melanin sound is a mixture of urban and cultural background, Music that combines different people from different cultures, different backgrounds and regardless of age.

Our Mission


Melanin Entertainment exists as a locally based record label whose mission is to promote local music groups, increasing live appearances and record sales. Melanin Entertainment has been established to promote its bands and at the same time make a fair profit.


Melanin vision is to have our own shows, push our work by establishing new working relationship. To grow our brand even more and stakeholders, create strong and active fan base.


To  become the best record label in the music industry of South Africa in the next 2 years, through record, digital sales and performances..

How will we achieve it?

Be easily accessible by artist from   all works of life. Religiously scout for new talent especially when we are launching shows, by having a slot whereby new artist will perform…

Never compromise the content or message in our music

Network and always find great effective means of distribution and check in with our fan base to see if our music does in fact reach them wherever they are.